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'Fax broadcast' is one of my preferred marketing methods. Especially when you're marketing to companies.

Fax Broadcasting is sending out a fax to your target market - all at the exact same time. Hence the word 'broadcast'.

So if you have 10 or 100,00 people on your database, you can use fax broadcasting to send them the same message within seconds of every other.

Fax Broadcasting Advantages

Fax Broadcasting is relatively inexpensive. Depending on the fax, the fax software, fax service and the fax server you use.

Fax Broadcasting is also extremely quick to implement and gets results.

If I am performing a flyer or brochure it'll take a week or so to get printed, sorted and then another week to get distributed. Whereas, if I am broadcasting a fax, all I have to do is have the message completed on my pc. You do not even need to print it out! So I just e-mail the message to the fax service and get them to send it out. Therefore you can save about two weeks in time, and a whole lot of money by faxing compared to mailing.

You could broadcast your fax your self or outsource.

For my fax broadcasting, I outsource my faxing to a fax company.

They take my marketing piece and then broadcast it out to the database that I provide them with.

If you're broadcasting your fax to companies, attempt and fax them in the morning or mid afternoon. I've found them to be the optimal occasions. In reality, in my fax broadcasting marketing package I will tell you the particular times and days for best results.

As soon as your fax goes out, you'll find that within seconds of reaching your market, your phone will ring, or your web site will get hits.

Fax broadcasting is a pretty thrilling strategy to experience if you have your marketing message right.

Nevertheless, like something, fax broadcasting might not work when you do it. So be prepared for a little bit of trial and error to get the results you want from fax broadcasting.

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