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The desire for life which means resonates deep inside each one of us. We want to think that our lives have objective. We yearn to make a small difference in the world. But life is messy and unpredictable. Frequently life seems to fall apart regardless of our very best efforts. We experience a profound loss of meaning and purpose.

The paradox of chaos and order exists in all life. Fractals reveal how chaos and order work together, creating beauty from simplicity. They show us how to create new ways of living in the globe. With clear meaning and purpose, we remain on course even in chaotic times. With freedom to create, we create in incredible and complicated ways. We live our passion and thrive.

Step back from a issue to see the entire image and produce options. Findings from modern science contradict our beliefs about chaos and order. In a nonlinear system new information feeds back on itself, amplifies and grows. Small changes can create large and unexpected results. From the repetition of a easy pattern, complicated shapes emerge. If we focus only on the components, we see chaos. When we shift our concentrate from parts to entire, we observe order develop more than time. From chaos' destructive power, we let go of our past and what no longer serves us. We find opportunity for a new future.

Choose clear principles to guide consistent methods of living in a chaotic globe. Fractals are complicated, stunning objects that emerge over time from the repetition of a easy pattern. A couple of principles with no further constraints allow freedom to develop. Fractals in nature are everywhere around us. Only lately have we discovered how to see them. Peering out an airplane window we observe recurring patterns in the cumulus clouds floating by. And broccoli has the same shape repeating from full head to tiny florets. From fractals we discover how a few clear principles guide easy, repeating patterns and produce beauty from chaos.

Create down a vision of who you want to be and what matters the most to you. Chaotic occasions are necessary for development and renewal. How we respond is the key. Becoming clear about our objective, intent and values gives us a steady center. Using simple, clear principles we keep our thoughts and behavior consistent with who we want to be. Writing down our life vision assists us stay on course. Over time it guides us to create in complicated and unique ways. But a life vision demands commitment and space for reflection. It requires patience when we slip back into old habits. From fractals we find the worth of keeping things easy, clear and consistent.

Chaos and fractals offer insights for a more meaningful life. We understand the partnership between order and chaos. As well much order enables us to stagnate. Chaos, with its destructive power, creates space for our renewal. We emerge changed and stronger in many methods. We discover life which means and purpose that is uniquely our own. We live our passion and thrive.