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Non-duality indicates oneness of every thing. It is for us to shred our thoughts of distinction that we produce in the globe. In the world We see variations in between Man and Animal, Man and Woman between Adult and children, in between Earth and the Sun and so on and so forth. By embracing non - duality we see oneness in every thing. The philosophy of non - duality has been expressed in many cultures such as ancient Hinduism, ancient Buddhism.

We should cease to see the differences in between Dogs and Cats. Each are souls living in the Universe. Similarly we should cease to see variations between Man and Woman. Each are souls that have evolved from a common cause. The principle of trigger and effect creates similarity for every thing in the Universe, Cosmos, Mankind and all life types.

So does non - duality have to be created or does it currently exist?. Non duality currently exists. It is for us to engage ourselves in the path of spiritual rejuvenation and encounter Non - duality by living a life that focuses on our causal world rather than a life that focuses on a man made globe.

Is This to say that by advocating non - duality we will ignore the mal-practises of society? No certainly not, This is to say that by embracing the philosophy of non - duality we will live in a undifferentiated globe where we focus our attention our causal aspects of our existence and live in harmony, rather than focusing our attention on man made aspects and living with a false feeling of happiness and security.