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A shower is always enjoyable and relaxing, particularly when you have purchased the very best shower head for your needs. With an array of shower head options in the market, you will require to make your choice based on the size of the space in the shower, taste and the budget you have set aside for the head. The best you can do is find out what your options are and then choose the one you really feel will give you the blissful experience you are looking for in the bathroom. Hand-held models and wall mounted heads are some of the options you have.

The Basic Head Types

1. Top Mount shower heads - They are also generally known as rain showers and are positioned over your head to offer you a drenching but enjoyable encounter with your baths. The top mounted heads are stylish and sensual and can be flush mounted to your ceiling or suspended using a pendant. Your current one may need a small upgrade to accommodate the shower head so make certain you consider that cost when choosing this head. This type is most suitable for bath renovations or new homes and functions extremely well for low bathroom ceilings.

2. Spa panels and body spray shower heads - They are designed to provide body massages from head to toe as you take a shower. The installation is carried out in vertical rows on adjacent walls or opposite walls so you have a crisscrossing water pattern when you turn them on. The panels and sprays can be combined with various shower heads for custom installation. They, nevertheless call for extensive plumbing work. Therefore, they are most suitable when going for complete renovations. The body sprays stand at shoulder, knee and hip level, making it essential to consider the height of every user in the house for correct installations.

3. Standard wall mount shower heads - This is the simplest and the most affordable option you have in the market. They also occur to be the most common in many households. They are simple to install with simple unscrewing and screwing on the shower arm. The heads will work completely with any existing plumbing and you can consist of extra features such as nozzles with adjustable water release to improve your bathroom experience.

4. Hand-held shower heads - They have a lengthy hose for extra control and attain making it feasible for you to attain multiple tasks in the bathroom. You will have an simple time bathing the children or your pet or even washing your hair. They require becoming wall mounted and can accommodate extra attributes such as massage jets to offer spray patterns that are nothing brief of soothing and relaxing. The heads work just great with existing plumbing and are suitable for family bathrooms. They can be used in place of a regular shower or even combined with it for an upgraded shower experience. You can have the hand shower mounted onto a sliding bar to make it simpler for every user to adjust the height to suitable spots.

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